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Canceling your product means you will no longer have protection that your contract provides. Please note that many third party products that are solicited by phone or direct mail often provide less protection than products sold by the dealership.

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  • If there is an open lien on the vehicle, the refund will be paid to the Original Lienholder. This may not reduce your monthly payment. If the vehicle has been paid off, lender documentation will be required prior to submission and a prorated refund check will be written to the contract holder with the exception of GAP. All GAP cancellations are subject to refund to the lender, even if the vehicle has been paid off. Be advised that if one product of a bundle (multiple product contract) is cancelled, the entire bundle will be cancelled. Allow 4-6 weeks for your cancellation request to be processed. A cancellation fee may be charged and deducted from the refund amount. The cancellation fee amount can be found on the product's original contract. All refunds are prorated except for products cancelled within the products grace period, which may receive a full refund. The grace period, if any, can be found on the products original contract. Under terms of the contract, the prorated refund calculation is based upon the lesser of the unused portion of the time or mileage remaining. Where paid claims have occurred prior to cancellation, the claim amount may be deducted from the refund amount. Please note that not all products are cancellable and some product providers do not allow certain products to be cancelled in certain states. Please refer to your product contract for details.
    By submitting this form, I relinquish all rights and provisions, including transferability and future service repair reimbursement. I am fully authorized to cancel this product in accordance with the products contract. I hereby release and forever discharge and I agree to hold the administrator and Mercedes-Benz of Austin harmless from any and all claims, demands, action, and payments on account of the contract, except for pro rata refund.
    Pertaining to GAP Only: in the event of a total loss of my vehicle after my GAP contract has been cancelled, I remain solely responsible and liable for all payments, according to the terms and condition of the financial agreement, including any payment of the difference between the actual payoff due to the lienholder/lessor and the payment made by my physical damage insurance carrier as well as the payment of my deductible, when applicable.
    By submitting this form, I hereby request cancellation of my F&I product in accordance with the cancellation terms and conditions of my product's contract, which may include a cancellation fee. I am fully authorized to cancel this contract.
    For vehicles that have been paid off, and approved documentation is included with submission, the product refund checks will be written to the contract holder with the exception of GAP. All GAP refunds are paid to the lienholder. Funds paid to the lienholder will be allocated by lienholder in accordance with the lienholder agreements. Mercedes-Benz of Austin is not party to such allocations after payment of funds to the lienholder.
    By submitting this form, I certify that all the information I provided is true and correct, including my vehicle's mileage.
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